Dilico Anishnabek Family Care
Thunder Bay, ON
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August 19, 2022
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Family Medicine
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The Physician agrees to carry the values, vision and mission of Dilico Anishinabek Family Care and the Health Services Team into all relationships and communications with patients, families, team members, partner organizations and the traditional healing/medical community.
The Physician agrees to provide the services and expertise as described and governed by a mutually agreed upon negotiated physician services agreement between Dilico Anishinabek Family Care and the Physician.
The Physician will act as a key coordinator of all services provided by the Health Services Team to patients.
The Physician will work collaboratively with all members of the Health Team in the provision of all primary care services to patients.
The Physician will provide any appropriate non-clinical ideas, issues and concerns to the Manager of the Family Health Team or the Director of Health. 
1.   Service Responsibilities
The Family Health Team Physician is responsible for:
Comprehensive Care 

Comprehensive Care assumes that the care is part of an on-going process and is provided in a culturally appropriate manner. The Physician will work closely with other allied healthcare professionals within the Health Services Team and consensual family members to provide holistic patient-family centred care.  This includes the creation, management and maintenance of an appropriate electronic medical record (EMR) managed by the Physician.  
Comprehensive Care includes the following services:
Ø  Perform complete health assessments including full medical history including presenting complaint, past illness and surgeries, social and family history, systems review and performing a complete physical examination.
Ø  Screening patients at risk for hereditable conditions and potentially preventable disorders
Ø  Assessment, diagnosis, primary medical treatment and advice for management of acute medical conditions and injuries
Ø  Assessment, diagnosis, primary medical treatment and advice for management of chronic medical conditions or injuries with longstanding effects on function
Ø  Assessment of exacerbations and complications of chronic medical problems.
Ø  Collaboration with Traditional Healers in the assessment and diagnosis of disease and illness for patients and families as needed and where appropriate/requested.
Ø  Work with all members of Dilico Anishinabek Family Care and the Family Health Team to ensure appropriate and effective assessment and diagnosis of disease and illness
Provision of continuous care to patients over their lifetime ensuring the delivery (actual or delegated where appropriate) of the following services always upholding the values and vision of the Health Services Team:
Ø  Acute treatment of minor ambulatory care visits  
Ø  Primary reproductive care including maternal and newborn care
Ø  Screening for and treatment of sexually transmitted illnesses
Ø  Primary mental health care
Ø  Palliative care
Ø  Maintains active hospital privileges 
Ø  Early intervention and counseling to reduce risk or development of harm from disease
Ø  Immunizations
Ø  Small procedures such as nail resection, punch biopsy, diabetic ulcer debridement and management etc.
Ø  Care and monitoring of chronic illnesses including patients with complex co-morbidities
Ø  Early access for assessment of episodic illness or injury with provision of diagnosis, primary medical treatment and advice on self-care and prevention
Ø  Maintain and keep safe the medical record of each patient
Ø  Participation and collaboration with the traditional medical community and Traditional Healing community in the treatment and management of disease and illness for patients and families as requested
Ø  Work with all members of the Dilico Health Team to ensure appropriate and effective treatment and management of disease and illness
Ø  Provide counseling on many health and health care issues including but not limited to birth control, prevention of STI’s, prevention of disease and issues related to the effects of disease on family members
Ø  Assist in the role of advocate to assist patients to navigate through a complex health care system in order to obtain the best care in the most expeditious way in a cost effective manner
Ø  Identify and meet the needs of the individual patients, the practice population and the community in general by working with a variety of partners throughout the public health, community and hospital sectors
Ø  Advocate and educate regarding traditional medical approaches to disease prevention, identification, and management.
Ø  Work with all members of the interdisciplinary health care team to ensure appropriate education and advocacy for patients, families and the community across the lifespan is achieved
Ø  Works with local and provincial institutions to educate medical students, residence and faculty.
Ø  Work with clients, patients and community representatives from 13 affiliated communities within the region to deliver primary care. 
Ø  Assist with discharge planning, rehabilitation, out patient follow-up and home care services
Ø  Co-ordinate referrals to other health care providers and agencies, including specialists, rehabilitation and physiotherapy services, home care and palliative care services and diagnostic services, as required
Ø  Collaborate with other mental health care providers when required
Ø  Co-ordinate referrals to secondary and tertiary facilities based on patient needs
Ø  Report births, deaths, contagious and other reportable diseases to governmental authorities
Ø  Collaborate with necessary public health initiatives
Ø  Collaborate with the traditional medical community in the care of patients and families as needed where requested by patients.
Ø  Collaborate with all members of Dilico Anishinabek Family Care and the Family Health Team to ensure effective patient care.
Ø  The family physician communicates daily in both formal and informal ways with all members of the Health Services Team to ensure effective and appropriate primary health care for all patients and their families
Ø  The family physician will identify strengths and weaknesses of all aspects of primary health care processes/procedures, building team functioning, and evaluating personal performance and needs.
Ø  Recommend and attend scheduled case conferences with members of the Health Services Team and/or other agencies as needed.
Ø  Ongoing patient communication with a goal of assessing quality of care, identifying needs, and establishing treatment and prevention goals and actions for the individual, family and community.
Ø  Communication with other agencies and organizations within the community to ensure appropriate and collaborative patient centered care
Ø  Communication with other agencies and organization outside the community with a goal of improving relationships for the delivery of effective, appropriate and inclusive patient care.
Ø  Regular communication with the traditional medical community on an individual patient by patient basis as appropriate.
Ø  Provides services and support to clients in all Health Service programs and other Agency services such as the ABTU, Adult Treatment Centre, Mental Health Services and Child Welfare.  
Ø  Maintains clinical notes, completes patient data, and appropriate flow sheets in the patient record 
Ø  Assist the Health Services team in identifying appropriate equipment and supplies to carry out all aspects of primary care.
Ø  Actively participates in the development of team processes and procedures that affect patient care and team function
Other Responsibilities
     In order to promote maximum function and responsibility at the full scope of practice the following may be undertaken 
Ø  Participates in special sub-committees as identified and recommended by the Director of Health  
Ø  Provides active support to community organizations 
Ø  Provides clinical supervision to learners 
Ø  Academic appointment with teaching hospitals or universities
Ø  Teaching as required with other community and academic groups.
     Currently registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, have demonstrated commitment to client-centered, community-based care, are a strong team player with excellent communication skills and are computer literate.  You understand health and social issues from a systemic perspective and can operate within an anti-oppression framework.  Knowledge of Dilico Anishinabek Family Care and a second language are key assets.
a.      a satisfactory Criminal Records Search, with Vulnerable Sector Screening;
b.      ability to work flexible hours and travel as determined by the Family 
     Health Team Manager in relation to service requirements;
c.      must possess a valid Class “G” Driver’s License and have access to a reliable personal vehicle.
NOTE:  It is established that the Physician meet the requirements of the MOHLTC Agreement regarding Mandatory Physician Services Contract Provisions as well as any additional duties and responsibilities as negotiated with Dilico Anishinabek Family Care.
Dilico Anishnabek Family Care
Head Office 200 Anemki Pl, Fort William First Nation, ON P7J 1L6, Canada
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Dilico Anishinabek Family Care provides services for the complete life journey of all Anishinabek people. 
Guided by the teachings of the past and Anishinabek culture, we are working to change the direction of Indigenous child, family and community wellness. Our goal is to find better pathways to healing and well-being by caring for children and families, and the communities where they live.
The Dilico Integrated Model of Care brings together a wide range of services and programs to support children, youth and families to live their good life – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  We offer services, rooted in culture, that address diverse issues related to child welfare, mental health & addictions, and primary health.
‘Family’ is the best way to describe Dilico. We are a family that cares for each other.
Our Dilico spirit names are: Animkii Binesi (meaning Thunder Bird) and Migizi (meaning Eagle).

Dilico’s services are available to Indigenous and First Nation residents of any age living in our jurisdiction, as well as to children in Dilico care and their caregivers.
First Nations in Dilico’s jurisdiction are:
  • Animbigoo Zaagi’igan Anishinaabek
  • Biinjitiwaabik Zaaging Anishinaabek (Rocky Bay)
  • Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek (Sandpoint)
  • Fort William
  • Ginoogaming
  • Kiashke Zaaging Anishinaabek (Gull Bay)
  • Long Lake #58
  • Michipicoten
  • Pawgwasheeng (Pays Plat)
  • Pic Mobert
  • Biigtigong Nishnaabeg (Pic River)
  • Red Rock (Lake Helen)
  • Whitesand
Dilico promotes healing and well-being of the Anishinabek people using an integrated holistic approach in a way that honours values, culture and traditions.

To be identified as a self-governed organization that is recognized as a leader in the research and delivery of child welfare, mental health and addictions, and health services. Delivery of community based services that enhance the well-being of Anishinabek children, families and communities in a culturally safe manner.

Core Values
  • Client centered services based upon teamwork.
  • Quality service delivery that is ethical, caring, compassionate and sensitive.
  • Partnerships that advance the well-being of the Anishinabek.
  • Role models who demonstrate positive leadership.
  • An environment that creates positive morale.
  • Effective and accountable management.
  • Long range strategic planning.


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Thunder Bay, ON
Location Thunder Bay, ON
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Motto: "Superior by nature" or "Gateway to the West"

Thunder Bay is a city in Northwestern Ontario with a population of about 108k.
Dilico Anishnabek Family Care
Address 200 Anemki Pl, Fort William First Nation, ON P7J 1L6, Canada

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