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The focus of JobConnect.Health is healthcare - this allows job seekers to zero down on their specialty, finding your posting in a much more efficient manner.

Doctors, nurses and pharmacists

Currently we are offering three healthcare sector job types, with the aim to add more in the future. Once you’ve chosen one of the main job types, you can then specifiy the profession, the scope of practice, the specialty and if any certications are required. All these elements are filterable when a job seeking is searching the system.

NATIONWIDE From coast to coast

Add a posting from anywhere in the country, no matter where your organization is based. Our system will automatically assign it to the nearest community.

Geo-specific search

JobConnect.Health is the solution for healthcare providers to search for positions and post availabilities in towns and cities across the country. Sign up today to start reaching the right audience.

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ORGANIZATIONS Beautiful organization profiles

As well as basic elements like a logo and general overview, each organization’s profile has an image gallery as well as associated jobs and locations. Join the following clients and start creating your profile today:

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