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January 17, 2022
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Family Medicine
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Are you considering a career in Rural Medicine?  How about paying NO OVERHEAD COSTS?  The Aguasabon clinic in Terrace Bay, Ontario is looking for a full-time family physician to join our professional team to start as soon as possible!  Enjoy this diverse work experience which includes comprehensive practice plus ED (shared among 4 physicians) In-patient and LTC (attached to hospital) with the potential to earn up to $450K a year !

As part of the North Shore Family Health Team, we represent five communities at the top of Lake Superior.   We run a two physician clinic situated in the McCausland Hospital.  Our health team  includes a nurse practitioner, dietician, social worker/mental health worker and diabetes nurse shared between our clinic and the neighboring clinic in Schreiber.  The Terrace Bay clinic has 5 staff, with office manager, billing clerk and receptionist to fill the needs of doctors.

Enjoy NO overhead with a competitive remuneration provided through RNPGA (Rural Northern Physician Group Agreement) plus ER-on call stipends, MOH bonuses plus you may qualify for the Northern Rural and Retention Initiative.

Terrace Bay can be reached by air travel into the city of Thunder Bay and then a 2 hour drive along scenic Trans Canada Highway.  Our region has approximately 3,000 residents with a strong business and recreation community.

The allure of living in a small town is often difficult to explain.  The business community provides all the essentials and larger urban areas are close by for a short commute.  The allure of everything within 10 minutes will quickly catch up with your and you'll find a great deal of free time.  Larger worries like crime or traffic will quickly disappear as they are not very present in the small towns.  The outdoors is just minutes away and the region is home to amazing hiking trails, beaches, fishing and hunting.  Real estate and the cost of living are generally lower than urban areas.


Head Office 20B Cartier Rd, Terrace Bay, ON P0T 2S0, Canada
The North Shore Family Health team represents 5 communities at the top of Lake Superior (Ontario).  It includes 2 clinics - one in Terrace Bay and one in Schreiber.  Each clinic staffs 2 full time physicians and share a nurse practioner, dietician, social worker/mental health worker and diabetes nurse.  The McCausland Hospital is a 45 bed hospital (10 acute, 13 chronic and 22 LTC) accredited facility in Terrace Bay.  It serves a catchment area of approximately 3,000
Our Emergency Department is unique in the north in that it's not usually overly busy!  Physicians can take call from the clinic, home or outside the hospital with our excellent nursing staff providing triage service.  In an average 24 hr period, the on-call physician can expect 5-10 patients a day. 

We encourage and welcome new grad to apply for locum positions.  There is always a second on call physician for support/questions.  We have several one week locum positions available in August and all fall into the winter to cover a physician medical leave- most starting and ending on Wednesdays. 

We pride ourselves in treating our physicians and healthcare providers well!  Locuming in a rural community is a great way to experience a wide scope of practice - you never know what will come through the doors!
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Terrace Bay
Location Terrace Bay, ON P0T, Canada
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Terrace Bay is located on the North shore of Lake Superior east of Thunder Bay on Highway 17. The name originates from a series of lake terraces formed as the water level in Lake Superior lowered following the latest ice age.
Terrace Bay originated as a company town in the 1940's when a pulp and paper mill was established here.  The municipality carried out a growth plan in 2010/11 including the downtown revitalization plan, the cultural centre, rebranding based on Lake Superior and the Terrace Bay Lighthouse attraction was built.
While locuming in Terrace Bay or Schreiber, we will ensure you have spare time to experience one of the must see Superior Six attractions!
Home to WAASAASHKAA - Gathering of the Great Lake Surfers!
Slate Island Brewing Company is the newest business to open in Terrace Bay.  Lots to do in your spare time.
SUMMER 2022 - Township of Terrace Bay 75 Anniversary!  Several events planned in August


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Aguasabon Medical Clinic (Terrace Bay)
Address 20B Cartier Road, Terrace Bay, ON, Canada

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