February 1, 2022 2021 Annual Review

Happy (Belated) New Year!

This past year was particularly challenging for healthcare and healthcare recruitment, with immense stress, uncertainty, burnout, and many teams being incredibly short staffed. Unfortunately, 2022 seems to be starting on the same foot with the combination of Omicron and severe weather putting pressure on an already stretched system across the country.

Rest assured, JobConnect.Health is committed to helping connect healthcare talent with healthcare opportunities across Canada, and continues to improve our feature-rich online job board while maintaining a low cost. 

This update provides some details on:
  • Some highlights from the year
  • Developmental milestones and future plans
  • A commitment to social accountability in action!
  • Pricing changes for 2022
  • Locum/Relief support & Urgent staffing support

A few highlights from the past year (our first in full swing!)
  • Over 75 organizations posted ads
  • Over 100 community pages were generated
  • Over 20k site visits with continued month-over-month growth
    • 68.5% from Canada
    • 22.6% from the US 
    • 3.9% from Europe
    • 5% from a range of other places!

Development milestones and future plans
There have continued to be stepwise improvements to the site features over 2021 with:
  • Enhanced photo gallery support to make it easier to highlight your community and organization
  • Improved billing pathways and streamlined posting to make it easier for shared management of job postings and posting larger volumes of ads
  • Improved profession and subspecialty selection to better define the jobs available
  • Improved search filtering for job searchers to narrow in on opportunities aligned with their interests
  • Improved Search Engine Optimization to drive further traffic to job postings, community, and organization pages.
Just today I am delighted to share the latest development release, including:
  • Visual search with mapped results for job searchers
  • Further improved billing support, notably for larger organizations
  • Improved handling of solo locum/relief (non-organization) job posts
  • Improved back-end ad handling to allow us to offer more insights into job posting performance.
There is ambitious development timeline for 2022 with plans to continue to add features and value for our users including improved statistics and tracking.

A commitment to social accountability in action!

One of the founding principles of JobConnect.Health is social accountability, with an emphasis on providing high value at a low cost, and connecting healthcare talent to where jobs exist and healthcare is needed most. 

During 2021, JobConnect.Health implemented a COVID support initiative in recognition of the extreme pressures faced by recruiters, communities, and organizations. I am delighted to share that as part of this initiative JobConnect.Health provided over 78 years of equivalent job posts, representing over 300 ads, for free! This has supported general recruitment, as well as locum/relief work, and helped support wellness and prevent site closures.

Pricing Changes for 2022

Given our site growth,  I am delighted to continue to pass along further price efficiencies and value by adjusting the standard prices for 2022. The standard prices are being reduced:
  • 30 day postings = $25 (+ tax) - A reduction of ~17%
  •  90 day postings =  $65 (+ tax) - A reduction of ~13%
  •  180 day postings = $120 (+tax) - A reduction of ~11%
  •  365 day postings = $225 (+tax) - A reduction of 10%
Don’t forget to reach out to support@jobconnect.health if your organization is considering a larger number of ads, as there is the option for unlimited annual contracts that offer you maximal flexibility. These contracts are based in part on geography and organization size to ensure alignment with recruitment strategies and budgets.

Rest assured that any future savings will continue to be passed on wherever possible, with a commitment to providing a feature-rich and high value recruitment resource at the lowest possible cost.

Locum/Relief Support & Urgent staffing support

Recognizing the critical importance and need for locum support and relief work as a component of wellness in our physician and pharmacy groups, we have committed to offering free locum and relief posts by individuals seeking coverage for their clinical and pharmacy work with the code WELLNESS. (This code should otherwise not be used by organizations/communities for general recruitment purposes). 

Organizations who are facing staffing scenarios with urgent risk of closure should reach out to support@jobconnect.health for support with free time-limited posts and sharing within our network to help prevent closures.

Thank you for your support in 2021, and allowing JobConnect.Health to support healthcare services across Canada.

Please feel free to share this update with your colleagues and networks and to reach out if you have any questions/comments/suggestions.