September 23, 2022 2022 Fall Update

Happy Fall!

Since the last major update at the start of the year, there have been ongoing changes and feature improvements to the site.

A few to highlight:

Improved map search results
There is now improved map-based search results that allow users to change the map area and get updated results. More results will also be displayed as a default, to allow a user to then narrow down what geography or opportunity interests them most.

Improved keyword-based search ranking
We’ve tweaked our search result algorithm to better display relevant professions first. If we reach out to offer advice/support on your job posting, it is also to help ensure that your job is being seen in most appropriate search results!

Improved Indexing with Google
Further improvements in how job postings are being indexed by Google, resulting in increased views and hits on your job postings.

On-site Job Posting Stats
You will notice that your job postings now show the number of hits and number of inquiries (emails sent via the Inquire button on JobConnect.Health) since September 19, 2022. This will allow a better impression of the traffic that each ad is generating on a monthly basis and can help determine if changes are need to your ads, and if JobConnect.Health is contributing to your recruitment strategy. (Please note ONLY hits after September 19, 2022 will be displayed on your job postings)

A few stats from last month:
  • Over 36,000 Google views
  • Over 1500 Google clicks
  • Over 3000 total hits to JobConnect.Health job-postings
  • On-pace to pass 30k hits to the site in 2022.
Top professions by Search volume:
  • Family Medicine 
  • RN and LPN/RPN roles
  • Hospitalist Jobs

As the site continues to grow, the prices will continue to decrease! If you’re anticipating needing a number of job postings with variable length, ask me about an unlimited annual contract. These contracts are based on a number of factors including location, side of community and/or organization, and population demographics, and are typically significantly cheaper than purchasing ads one by one.  Email me at for more information!

Thank you for your ongoing trust and support. I anticipate the next update early in the new year, so please keep your great feedback and feature ideas coming!